Customized Fitness Plans

One exercise plan does NOT fit all.  In home personal trainers come prepared to put you through the paces with their equipment or what you have on hand. Virtual trainers will typically email you a routine or two that “should get you through two to four weeks” and request that you send in your weekly progress measurements and photos. After review, they may or may not modify the routine.

At ExecWell we know the importance of variety, accountability and frequent feedback and we create plans for the Road Warrior and Frequent Traveler based on equipment available at your destination after we discuss your personal goals and challenges for the upcoming week. That is correct! We want to know your personal goals and challenges. Every week on the road is different. The meetings may be longer, the hotel fitness center equipment may be non-existent, and your meal planning may be challenging.  The Road Warrior includes weekly consultations and the Frequent Traveler includes bi-weekly consultations (more if needed). Our goal is to provide an unprecedented level of support that allows you to focus on completing your workout, without spending time figuring out what to do with the facilities available. There isn’t anything more frustrating than arriving at a hotel only to find one piece of cardio equipment and no nearby fitness centers. You may think, “Now what were those exercises I could do with body weight?" or“I wish I had at least one band.” We have you covered. 

Not traveling much for the next month? No problem! We can still provide you with a variety of routines for you to complete at home with your own equipment or at a nearby fitness center.  If you are like me, you need more accountability, more feedback and smaller incremental goals.  That is where our customized plan may be best for you. You will consult with your ExecWell Fitness Coach and create a Fitness package with the level of support you need. Check-ins twice a week, daily reminders, daily workouts are all available. Are you a self-starter and just need a little guidance and oversight? Then our Fitness Coach package may be the most appropriate level for you.


-Dr. Beth Ann Foate, NASM CPT-CES