Fitness Assessment

A comprehensive fitness assessment involves a series of measurements that help to determine the current health and fitness level of ExecWell clients. Once your baseline health and fitness level has been determined, our fitness coaches can recommend the most appropriate exercises. Fitness assessments provide an ongoing way of communicating information with your ExecWell Fitness Coach, ensuring that fitness program goals are constantly being monitored and evaluated. The ExecWell fitness assessment is not intended to replace a medical examination. If you are identified as high-risk after our initial health screening, we will refer you to your health-care provider.

Our fitness assessment aims to provide subjective and objective information. Prior to your initial consultation we ask that you complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) to determine any possible safety risk factors while exercising. This simple questionnaire is aimed at identifying individuals who require further medical evaluation before exercising because they may be at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Next is a general health questionnaire which discusses relevant facts about your history including biographic, demographic, occupational, and general lifestyle data. The medical portion informs us of any past injuries, surgeries or chronic conditions and allows us to modify exercises as necessary. The lifestyle data allows us to understand your recreation and hobbies, as well as, occupation, extended periods of sitting, or the presence of repetitive movements that may cause musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction.

As part of the regular progress checks between you and your Fitness Coach we ask that weekly measurements be submitted. Those specific measurements and instructions on how to take the measurements are found here.