Nutrition Guidance

You may have faced the extra-long meeting when the only food around is in the office vending machine or nearby cafeteria lunch.  Without proper planning it is easy for all of us to make poor food choices thinking that just this once won’t hurt.  As you return home on your flight, unexpected delays result in late night airport restaurant food or prepackaged snacks.  By the end of the work week more of your meals have been filled with improper nutrients than desired. As we know, your diet plays an important role in your health, appearance, energy level, response to exercise as well as overall well-being.  Traveling professionals are more susceptible to nutritional challenges on a day to day basis.

ExecWell’s team includes a Registered Dietician.  Our team can provide individually planned nutrition strategies to enhance the results of your exercise, improve health and performance, and favorably alter body composition.  Our Fitness Coaches can integrate nutritional strategies with your exercise plan to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Our educational materials can offer you the best strategies to battle the dietary challenges of long meetings, airport delays, late night social activities, and hotel meals.  Our team successfully practices a clean eating lifestyle while at home and on the road.  With a little practice and planning you can too.

Our packages include a range of nutritional guidance services.  Our goal is to provide you with general nutritional advice that allows you to achieve your fitness goals. If you require additional nutritional guidance or specific meals plans we can deliver!  In addition, regular tracking of your meals and supplements allows your Fitness Coach and Nutritional Coach to give you immediate feedback and additional assistance when needed.