Personal Attention

Most personal trainers boast that they can provide “customized plans” “personal attention” and “frequent feedback” to individuals who travel.  Over the last three years I have tried personal trainers and experienced the best and worst of their promises.  While traveling I have spent hours researching hotels and nearby fitness centers to be able to conduct my workouts or attend group classes in addition to working while maintaining long working hours conducting workshops.  On average I spend two hours per week when I visit a new client just trying to schedule my workouts depending on the hotel facility.

From my experiences, ExecWell was created to assist individuals, as much as possible, to reduce the hours spent planning and allow them to spend more time doing their workout and finishing their endless emails for work.  No matter the amount of time you travel, and/or the hotel fitness facilities, ExecWell has a plan for you.

During your consultation we determine the level of support needed and the appropriate fitness package.  We can provide weekly routines and progress tracking, daily individualized workout plans that can be used at your hotel or nearby fitness centers. We will prepare a schedule for group classes if you prefer or a combination of both.  ExecWell Fitness Coaches are here for you.  We are available by email 24/7 and will respond within 12 hours, but typically even sooner.

-Dr. Beth Foate