Fitness Coach

Whether you are new to exercise or well-established with your routine, The Fitness Coach Package is designed for an individual that has a fixed location to work out (home gym or member at a fitness center) and would like additional support creating routines, monitoring progress and receiving regular feedback and motivation as well as bi-weekly consultation from a personal Fitness Coach.

• Unlimited email access

ExecWell Fitness Coaches are here for you. We are available by email 24/7 and will respond within 12 hours, but typically even sooner.

• Nutrition guidance

Our team can provide individually planned nutrition strategies to enhance the results of your exercise, improve health and performance, and favorably alter body composition. Our Fitness Coaches can integrate nutritional strategies with your exercise plan to help you achieve the desired outcome.

• MyFitnessPal monitoring

Regular tracking of your meals and supplements allows your Fitness Coach and Nutritional Coach to provide immediate feedback and additional assistance when needed.

• Fitness progress tracking

Virtual consultations and progress tracking, and frequent feedback to postings in your nutritional and exercise journals that are designed to instruct and inspire.

• Basic Fitness Assessment

A comprehensive fitness assessment involves a series of measurements that help to determine the current health and fitness level of ExecWell clients.

• Bi-Weekly consultation with Fitness Coach

You'll have up to 30-min consultations with your fitness coach to discuss progress made and new goals and challenges for the upcoming week. Together, you will create new workouts to support your goals.

  • Unlimited email access
  • Nutrition guidance
  • MyFitnessPal monitoring
  • Weekly fitness progress tracking
  • Basic Fitness assessment
  • Bi-weekly consultation with Fitness Coach

$175.00 USD/month
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Duration: 1 month
Price: $175.00