Free Consultation with Dr. Beth

Congratulations! You’ve made a decision to improve the quality of your life through a quality fitness plan. As you may have already read on our website, this is not a one size fits all approach. We will strive to understand your needs, preferences, and goals in order to offer realistic and personalized solutions for your fitness and health concerns. We hope to create a relationship built on trust so that we can honestly and openly communicate with one another. 

Because our habits are deeply engrained, making changes that will last a life time occurs in stages and often takes time. Be patient. Also, please be assured that we treat our client’s information as highly sensitive and your health & fitness records will always remain 100% confidential.  

Here’s what you can expect after the initial consultation with an ExecWell paid monthly subscription package:

  • Unlimited email access
  • FitnessPal monitoring
  • Fitness progress tracking
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Customized weekly fitness plans
  • General meal planning
  • Weekly consultation with Fitness Coach
  • Fitness Center Support

Plans start at just $175.00/month and can easily be signed up for at

And remember…at any time you can:

  • change your purchased Fitness Package
  • change your Fitness Coach
  • add additional services to your current plan
  • move from a standard plan to a customized plan

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