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What’s it all about:

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Price Range: $29 - $35

Range in size 18” to 22”


Purchased for its compact size and portability.  It is easy to use and holds up for a while.  Foam padding is thin around the inner PVC tube.  Individuals may not press as hard when self-rolling as when using your full body weight.  It is challenging to use in some areas, especially the back.  Found it is easier to use body weight on larger rollers.  Not highly recommended.

Price range: $15 - $30

Size: 4” or 6” in diameter and 12” to 36” in length

Found in many fitness centers.


This is the most traditional foam roller at fitness centers.  It is durable for individual use at home and holds up pretty well.  Used 5 minutes per day, it does tend to warp after several months.  For individuals new to foam roller this is highly recommended.  By the time it breaks down from use, you will be ready to move up to a Black High Density Foam roller.

Easy to cut to size and fits into most carry-on luggage. 

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